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Our capabilities


  • We only export in standard 20-foot shipping containers, because the bulk density of our product is too heavy for a 40-foot container. 
  • Maximum of 27 tonnes in product weight per container, this can vary depending on the product being exported and its bulk density. It will also depend on the receiving port and delivery restrictions if there are any. 
  • There are 20 pallet spaces or 20 bulk bag spaces in a shipping container.
  • Bulk bags are currently double stacked either with one or two pallets.
  • Our freight is FCA = Free Carrier; we supply the cargo to the ship and loading onto ship at Port Botany. 
  • Export clients are responsible for sea freight and advising us of the shipping company chosen. 
  • Cargo is packed into containers locally and sent to Port Botany in Sydney via train. Containers are loaded onto the ship directly from the train.

We currently export to Malaysia, India, China, France, United States, Czech Republic, New Zealand, South Korea to name a few and we regularly send containers to WA.